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The driver shouted “Shoes! Give shoes!” He poked the knife toward Smith.

Smith untied the laces of his Ferragamo oxfords. The driver took them with his free hand and got out of the car. Smith sat there for a minute and watched the driver walk down the middle of the street with the shoes dangling, cross to the opposite sidewalk and disappear among the host of face mask-wearing pedestrians.

Smith got out. The air smelled like burning coal and car exhaust. In his stocking feet he headed toward his hotel along a sidewalk dotted with disks of spit as shiny as silver dollars.

Smith, a corporate problem solver persists in his futile duties even as the workings of our world disintegrate around him.

THE FIXER is free for a limited time, so join Smith now for the heartbreaking final steps of his journey.

“... it’s human, it’s thoughtful, it’s heart-rending ....”
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“... the crown on the Raincoast series ....”
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“I personally find his writing to be almost hypnotic.”
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“... a masterful, eloquent storyteller ....”
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“... terrifyingly beautiful ....”
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