The passion, despair, violence and hope of three doomed generations!
The patriarch has dug over a hundred graves.
The granddaughter battles insanity.
The great-grandson slaughters for his people.
Share their horrors and joys in three searing novels!


The 3 Books

Since Tomorrow
“This book stunned me with its power and richness.”
Kindle Review

Frost survived the global collapse.
He has built a humane community.
His people have clung to decency.
But now they’re threatened by Langley’s army. Will they fight back?
You’ll find out in this tale of love and death among post-apocalyptic ruins!

Birds of Passage
"... without question the cream of the crop of the genre."
Kindle Review

Frost’s community faces annihilation by disease.
His descendant Fraser leads a trek for survival.
Why does Fraser’s deranged father follow? Is murder on his mind?
Join Fraser on this haunting post-apocalyptic road trip

“... a ‘cannot put it down oh my goodness I've stayed up until two in the morning reading it’ novel.”
Kindle Review

Fraser needs medicine for his mother. Does it still exist?
His quest leads to a grim dystopia. Cannibalism is normal. Prisoners fight to the death.
But here Fraser’s medicine is hidden!
You’ll want him to turn back! But you’ll keep turning pages! Descend now with Fraser deep into the mouth of danger!

The Raincoast Trilogy

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