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Martins opened the box and lifted out a crown of thorns.
“Tell me you’re joking,” said Gabor.
“Gold,” said Martins. “Pure gold.”
Hassler said, “Made for a French Protector of The Blood in the year one thousand and one hundred.”
“Please,” said Hassler. “You go down.”
Gabor bent his knees, straightened again with the thing on his head.

"Sex with fervent strangers, however, still seemed novel, so Gabor continued to review the troops outside the fence. There was Maria Rosário of Ponte de Lima; Catarina, who had lush lips and lost eyes; Joana; Mariana; Felisberta; Fátima, who walked on her knees and with hands clasped in prayer into his bedroom; Dulce from Guimarães; Katja from a far land, who in the light of the street lamp had stuck out her tongue, and through the tip of it there was fixed a tiny silver crucifix. Ângela was let through the gate, and Marta, and Raquel and her mother Celestina, who wore bifocals, and Susana from Angola, who was tall and strong and had breath like cinnamon."

Gabor Esterhazy is Mr. MILLENNIUM, a bright, young but troubled manual laborer who is taken under the very shady wing of a secret society. Their claim: that he is descended from Jesus Christ by way of Hungarian aristocracy. Surely the resulting fame, power, money and adulation will bring him the peace he needs? Or will he find, too late, that he is merely a puppet, placed on a false throne to satisfy the insidious aims of those who claim to care for him?

Follow Gabor Esterhazy as he goes determinedly off the rails, and his journey toward happiness becomes a dark and comic shambles of lust, deceit and mortal danger.

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