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“Them places I use to pass by - places called Town or The City or a few places that kept their old names, like Ellay or Nawlins - I could walk through ’em safe now ’cause they were pretty well empty. Everyone was dead, see. Trees were growin’ up tall in the streets, wheres they use to get cut down for firewood. There was animals in them places, wheres there never use to be none, around the old buildin’s, inside the old buildin’s - rats, rabbits, coyotes, wild dogs, sometimes wolves - but hardly never no people. And the people I did run into would always say ‘Are you the Messenger?’ And they would give me soup and ask me what I seen, ’cause there wasn’t no one else to tell’em.”         Hemlock the Messenger

It is sixty years since a catastrophic global collapse and pandemic plunged the world into a new Dark Age, which is becoming progressively darker. In this setting violent conflict is common. But Fraser, a huge man with a huge heart, is troubled by the violence of his recent past. Nevertheless, conflict becomes inescapable when he realizes that that his mother’s mind is deteriorating due to syphilis contracted from her late husband. Without medication to halt the progress of the disease, total insanity is inevitable. But does medicine even exist any more?

Into the post-apocalyptic ruins of “Town”, past office towers deserted for decades, through forested streets ravaged by earthquake and reeking of death this giant of a man ventures in search of medicine for his mother.

Waiting for Fraser in the heart of Town is a certain underground shopping mall, once a glittering commercial hub but now a shabby and makeshift dystopia where cannibalism is the norm and where prisoners fight to the death to entertain Cultus, their unforgiving master.

Hidden somewhere in the depths of these lightless confines is the medicine that Fraser so desperately seeks but which Cultus guards with equal fervor and with immense power.

The odds are staggering, the dangers overwhelming, but a stubborn and perhaps fatal determination drives Fraser ever deeper into the very mouth of danger.

In the shocking climax, when Fraser finally understands the horrific cost of his resolve, it is too late to do anything but forge ahead, no matter the consequences.

From Kindle Reviews:
"I cried, I laughed, I yelled."
"I just love all of Mr Nyberg's work."
"This book and the previous two deserve more attention as they are every bit as good as any 'name brand' author! Mr. Nyberg, I salute you!"
"A true example of a 'cannot put it down oh my goodness I've stayed up until two in the morning reading it' novel."

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