Book 4 of The Raincoast Saga

Fraser needs medicine for his mother. Does it exist after the collapse?
His quest leads to a grim dystopia. Cannibalism is normal. Prisoners fight to the death.
But here Fraser’s medicine is hidden!
You’ll want him to turn back! But you’ll keep turning pages!
Descend now with Fraser deep into the mouth of danger!

From Kindle Reviews:
"I cried, I laughed, I yelled."
"I just love all of Mr Nyberg's work."
"This book and the previous two deserve more attention as they are every bit as good as any 'name brand' author! Mr. Nyberg, I salute you!"
"A true example of a 'cannot put it down oh my goodness I've stayed up until two in the morning reading it' novel."

Copyright  © Morgan Nyberg 2015