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Then Slim twitched, because Grampa’s pipe shot past his ear and stuck to the wall. It was still smoking. Five hundred tiny legs held it up. It began to move forward at the head of the line of cockroaches. It looked like a locomotive towing a train of six-legged boxcars.
Suddenly a huge number of singing voices seemed to shake the room. 
In the cracks behind the counter,
In the world below the light,
Lie towns where all go safely,
For the Roaches rule the night. 
Now tell them, boys — Who are we? 

Young Galahad lives in the South American jungle, where he plays with snakes and crocodiles. His parents are adventurers and Nobel Prize-winning authors. But when they fail to return from an expedition in their hot-air balloon Galahad must leave the jungle to live with his grandfather in a North American slum. In this alien and fascinating world he encounters both evil and magic.

Join Galahad and the other main characters - his street-musician grandfather; blind and wheelchair-bound Wheels; Slim, who owns a tattoo parlour - as they confront the power-hungry exterminator, Creetch, who has invented a spray that makes people disappear. Boo the city's mayor, who would rather juggle on television than face the threat of Creetch. Cheer for the unlikely army of cockroaches, flies and pigeons who fight for our hero in his darkest hour.

Galahad Schwartz and the Cockroach Army won the Governor General’s Award, Canada’s highest literary prize.

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