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The logs burned with low but steady flames and glowed with deep pockets of red. On top of the burning logs lay the charred form of a human being. The hands and feet extended unburnt beyond the flames, tied to lengths of twine that ran to the door handles of two cars, one on either side of the fire. The old man said “I guess yous smelled our offerin’ up the road a ways. We don’t do offerin’s too often, so yous are just lucky yous come along at the right time.”

Birds of Passage is set twenty years after the events of Since Tomorrow, Book 1 of The Raincoast Trilogy. Frost’s farm, the setting of that novel, is in severe decline. If a safer site for the farm is not found the few remaining survivors will soon be wiped out by disease. With three companions Frost’s great-grandson Fraser treks northward, desperate to secure a more secure home for his people.

As Fraser and his friends struggle through apocalyptic landscapes natural and man-made they are followed by Fraser’s father Blaine, alcoholic, syphilitic, deranged, but determined in his delusional way to protect his son.

From Kindle Reviews:
... a worthy sequel to Since Tomorrow.”
“I loved this story. I couldn’t put this book down.”
“... without question the cream of the crop of the genre.”
“... a compelling vision of a ruined society struggling to endure.”

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