morgan nyberg



When we had crossed the Bright Bridge over the Tinsel River, we stopped. We stood among thousands of other people who had escaped from the Daytime Darkness. Everyone was looking back at what had been Glitterville. It was nothing now. It was an enormous dark hole in the day. Silent as the grave. Gone.

Without success we looked for Mr. and Mrs. Bugg in the crowd. One by one the cars moved away, carrying the shocked survivors. When the Thunderbolt was the only car left, we also drove off.

“Do you think we’ll find them?” asked Master Odysseus.

“We’ll find them. Of course we will,” I said.

It is a time of bizarre “plagues”. The city where the Bugg family resides completely disappears, consumed in a Plague of Daytime Darkness. The family’s old butler, Bentley, and the two Bugg children, acrobatic Athena and brainy Odysseus, narrowly escape. They travel from town to town, hoping to find the children’s parents. To earn money they put on shows featuring the incredible acrobatic skills of Athena. 

Bentley keeps a journal as they travel, relating one particular adventure: the making of the film Bad Day in Gladland by Prodigious Productions. At Prodigious Productions they learned of other plagues, such as the Plague of Getting Lost, the Plague of Anti-Gravity and the Plague of Flying Fish. Events turned dangerous when the greedy director of the film company and his scheming assistant became convinced that one of the actors knew a recipe for creating gold. It was up to Bentley, Odysseus, Athena and Defoe to save the day. 

Copyright © Morgan Nyberg 2015